Little Miss Hard to Get.

This is just to say, I love Stephen Tobolowsky’s podcast. He has moved on to other projects, but not without leaving about 70 hours of great stories online for us to listen to. These are my company when I feel uninspired, lost, or just want to do some crafty projects with a good story to listen to.

I discovered Stephen Tobolowsky many years ago, like… in 2010, when I had just finished teaching a yoga workshop in Seattle, and was embarking on the 3 hour drive home.  As I got on interstate 5, I turned on the public radio station a few minutes into the podcast,  Little Miss Hard to Get.   I very much wanted to finish listening to it by the time my radio would fade out as I passed out of the southern suburbs of Seattle.  I wrote the title on a scrap of paper on the passenger seat as I drove, and over the next couple years listened to what amounted to Stephen’s life story, including love, hollywood, adventures in film and tv, and insights into the universe.  Take a listen to him. Just search on ITunes or pod bay, and it might change your life, and it will certainly change your day.


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